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India Cold Chain Expo, ICE
The India Cold Chain Expo - ICE, offers a global opportunity to present product and service information to the largest concentration of public refrigerated warehouses, refrigerated logistics, refrigerated construction and refrigerated transportation. ICE Centre of Excellence organized the 1st Cold Chain Expo in India, “ICE 2009” which was India’s first Refrigerated Warehousing, Cold Storage Construction, Refrigerated Logistics and Refrigerated Transportation Event. The Expo has had US, Netherlands, France and Belgium delegations coming down to the country every year to explore investment opportunities in India and there could not have been a better platform than ICE.

Apart from horticulture which is the key interest area, we had the Pharmaceutical sector also as a part of the event which addresses their cold chain requirements. The investment concerns were also tackled as the Government is taking initiative to fund the cold chain industry. So awareness needs to be created for the stakeholders to benefit from these fundings available and understand them better.

On one hand the event is supported by the major private players of the industry and on the other hand we are backed by the strong support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Kingdom of the Netherlands, US Commercial Service and government organizations like MOFPI, APEDA, NHB, NHM, CONCOR.

ICE Expo has been successfully organized in 2009 (Delhi), 2010 (Delhi), 2011 (Mumbai), 2012 (Delhi) and 2013 (Agra).